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Joanne Sinclair

Why yes, I do shoot like a girl...

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Name:Joanne Sinclair
Birthdate:Mar 1
Location:New York City, New York, United States of America
Joanne Sinclair

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"Why yes, I do shoot like a girl."
- Joanne Sinclair

Joanne Maya Sinclair was born in New York City to Canadian parents, Bob and Maya, in March 1982. She is the eldest of two children with a younger brother, Simon, two years her junior. She has lived in New York her whole life and doesn't anticipate that changing any time in the near future.

She is an ex SWAT cop, moving from rookie to SWAT training two years into her law enforcement career. During her rookie days, she was partnered with Euan Fitzpatrick, her first ever partner and now long-time friend who will always hold a place in her heart. They parted ways when Euan moved up the ranks as a NYPD Detective and Jo transitioned into SWAT, however her career in Special Weapons and Tactics wasn't destined to survive long. Only a year and a half after joining the NYPD SWAT team, things took a turn for the worst when she got into a confrontation on a case with a crooked cop who was supposed to be watching her back at the time. The guy cornered her on a rooftop and tried to blackmail her into not revealing the information she discovered linking him to case. When she didn't take the threats lying down, they broke out into a argument and he pulled a knife on her, getting her in the hip and causing her to lose balance and fall from the rooftop. A fire escape broke her fall, and she only suffered a couple of broken bones and a concussion, but the stab wound to her hip caused her to be unfit for SWAT and she subsequently chose to leave the police force as an officer at that time in the wake of the trauma.

She now works part time as a criminal profiler for the NYPD, owns a shooting range about twenty minutes drive out of the City, and part owns a tattoo parlour with Derrick Reynolds, whom she learnt tattooing from and took to it like a duck to water. Derrick holds the reigns on the business because she comes and goes so much, but they're such close friends they're like brother and sister, Jo affectionately claiming Derrick as her "lesbro". It seemed luck was down for the Sinclair siblings, when her brother, who is a stunt driver for film and television, was in a bad car crash that left him in traction and a long-term patient at Mount Sinai Medical Center. It was during that time their parents revealed to them Simon was adopted as an infant, as they were unable to have more children following Joanne. It was a hard blow, but they got through it and they're now as close as ever. They were always close, and Jo makes a point of visiting him regularly to stock him up on cheesy action DVDs and quality junk food when she isn't busy with work.

Jo is a bit rough around the edges, a self-professed slob with very little feminine traits about her at all. She likes to get dirty, likes shooting guns, and has an interest in classic cars. When they were younger, she and her brother restored a 1967 Pontiac GTO for her, and the deep purple colour is about the only hint of girly she has. She's a lesbian, though she spent her teens assuming she was straight, though when no guys held her interest long enough, she started to realise why.

She swears a lot, likes dirty jokes, beer, playing snooker, and drinking contests. However, she has a kind heart and would give anyone the shirt on her back if she thought they needed it. She's had a few relationships over the time, including one painful break up and broken engagement. She jokes that she is relieved it's over so she didn't have to wear a wedding dress and heels, but deep down it left a mark and she hopes to one day trust a guy enough to get back on the dating horse.

Joanne Sinclair
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